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Our packages will be tailor made to meet your specific individual, group or family requirements.  The following packages are a guideline in terms of what can be made in to a personalized African Bush experience.  Hunting packages can be extended and or shortened to fit into your holiday program.

All rates are calculated in US Dollars – rates in AUS Dollar also available on request.

Daily rates:     (1×1) 1 Hunter with 1 PH US$480 per person

                    (2×1) 2 Hunters with 1 PH US$400 per person

                    Observer US$390 per person



All packages below include:
Professional Hunter, hunting licenses, Tracker, Skinner, Accommodation, meals, selected local beverages, and daily laundry services. Includes: Transfers to the lodge, rifle and ammo hire, staff and guide gratuities.

Trophy fees and Daily Rates included in Package Price

Adrenalin Rush

8 Day Cape Buffalo Safari

1 Cape Buffalo

1 Poor Man’s Buffalo – Blue Wildebeest

(1×1) 1 Hunter with 1PH US$12 900

(2×1) 2 Hunters with 1 PH US$11 900


Classic Safari

10 Day Plains Game Hunt

1 Kudu

1 Blue Wildebeest

1 Zebra

1 Impala

(1×1) Hunter with 1PH US$ 8 999

(2×1) 2 Hunters with 1 PH US$8 400 

The Majestic

8 Day Sable & Giraffe Package

1 Sable

1 Giraffe

(1×1) 1 Hunter with 1 PH US$9 999

(2×1) 2 Hunters with 1 PH US$9 200


Wing Shooting 

6 Day Game Bird Package

Mixed Bag of Birds

(1×1) 1 Hunter with 1 PH US$3 000

(2×1) 2 Hunters with 1 PH US$2 500

Dads & Lads

Sons under 16

08 Days (7 nights) and 10 animals

1 Kudu

2 Impala

1 Blesbuck

3 Cull Kudu

3 Cull Impala

(2×1) 2 Hunters with 1 PH US$6 600


(this is a guideline only – rates to be confirmed once packages tailored and group size confirmed)

The packages include:

  • Trophies as listed per specific package and daily rates
  • Professional Hunter, Tacker/Skinner
  • Hunting Vehicle
  • Hunting Licenses
  • Trophy Preparation
  • Accommodation
  • Meals & Local Beverages
  • Daily Laundry Services

The package/rates exclude:

  •  Dip and Pack of Trophies, Taxidermy Work, Shipping of Trophies
  • Firearm Rental
  • Gratuities for Prof Hunter, Tracker/Skinner and Camp Staff
  • Extra daily excursions
  • Flights from O.R Tambo Int. Airport to Battle Creek Lodge and back to O.R Tambo Int. Airport


Temporary Import of Firearms into South Africa

Visitors coming to South African and bringing their rifles for hunting, will need to fill in a SAP520-Temporary Import Application, which can be downloaded from the SAPS website or from PHASA



The following must accompany your SAP520 form:

  • Passport Copy
  • Itinerary Copy
  • Proof of ownership of your rifle, form 4457 available from your local customs office.
  • Proof of export (obtained at the airport upon departure of US)
  • Invitation letter from us, your hunting outfitter

If you would like assistance through customs, we recommend the following companies which you can choose from:

  • Air 2000
  • Rifle Permits

Rifle Info:

Most popular rifle calibers for your hunt: .270,.308, .7 mm, .30.06, .300win. Mags and on Big Game minimum .375 and bigger. If you will be hiring a rifle from us, make sure that you practice with a friends rifle so that you are comfortable with the trigger feel of different calibres.

Ammunition: Please pack your ammunition in a lockable case which can be checked in with your firearm to avoid possible delays during checked luggage screening on your flight. Please do not pack your ammunition inside your gun case. Also make sure about the maximum permitted amount of ammunication.

Will you be travelling with your minors under the age of 18?

If yes, please be informed of the new laws traveling with children. All minors under the age of 18 need an unabridged birth certificate (both parents names appear on the birth certificate) to enter South Africa.

If child is traveling with only 1 parent, the absent parent needs to send a signed affidavit giving permission for the child to travel with the other parent.

If both parents are absent, both must sign affidavits giving permission and ID Documents for the child to travel with the adult that has been given permission to.



While ensuring all reasonable care and maintaining precautions for the safety of clients, Battle Creek Safari’s accepts no responsibility for any illness, accident or loss arising from any cause whatsoever.

We strongly recommend an all-over insurance policy prior to your arrival in South Africa.


Medical Insurance

Please make sure that you have full medical insurance that covers in South Africa.

Make sure to pack your membership card.



  • Valid Passport (6 months from day of entry) with at least 2 blank pages in passport
  • Medical Insurance Card
  • Rifle
  • Ammunition
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Camo/Dark Khaki Hat with a brim – African Sun can be harsh
  • Camo/ Dark Khaki Shorts
  • Camo/ Dark Khaki Short Sleeved Shirts
  • Camo/ Dark Khaki Long Sleeved Shirts
  • Gloves
  • Underwear/Thermal Underwear
  • Socks
  • Warm Jacket
  • Lightweight, waterproof windbreaker
  • Casual clothes for after  a day of hunting
  • Toiletry Essentials
  • Sunblock
  • Tick Repellent
  • Prescribed Medication and spare prescription if needed
  • If wearing glasses/contact lenses, it is recommended that you bring an extra pair
  • Electricity converters and adapters (SA uses 220 volt)

Hunting Information:

At Battle Creek Safari’s we can hunt throughout the year but middle March to the end September is the best months that we recommend.

We prefer to limit the amount of travelling while on safari

All hunts are fair chase with shots varying between 100-300 yards

Long bipod shooting sticks are commonly used



Our packages are personalized and tailored to specific requirements of individuals, groups and or families.  We are flexible in terms of length of stay and blended activities to ensure everyone enjoys an incredible African experience.

Costs are seasonal 


Let us know if you have any questions

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